Frequently Asked Questions

you have any questions about our website! Here we can solve some frequently asked questions from our users, if you do not find a solution you can contact support!

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CryptoFlare.net is a platform where you can obtain passive income for doing small jobs within the same platform we have different simple jobs such as Faucet, Shortlinks, Offerwalls among other options to obtain passive income

No, our platform pays without any problem to all users who work and obtain a minimum withdrawal, our platform has security systems that will automatically ban all users who cheat.

Some of the reasons why some users are banned by our system is because they break some of our rules, check that you do not have a double account, do not use vpn or proxies, in addition to this that you do not cheat within the platform, otherwise contact support.

To obtain your generated money you must make a withdrawal through the cryptocurrencies and means of withdrawal available on our platform, we count as means of payments in Litecoin, Digibyte, Tether among others

There are many ways to obtain passive income through our platform such as Faucet, Shortlinks, Ptc among others but the most recommended is OFFERWALLS, which give great rewards for filling offers and surveys if you experience any problem with the credits of the offerwalls, please communicate by mediump>

The minimum withdrawal depends on each cryptocurrency, generally the minimum is always 0.02 usd through any cryptocurrency and payment processor available within our platform, CRYPTOFLARE.NET is not responsible for some erroneous withdrawals such as , invalid wallets, invalid emails, invalid User ID. any loss caused by user errors cryptoflare will not make refunds